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High Performance Monitors

Putting advanced technology and innovation to work.

Philips monitors bring you a bold new level of power and value to enjoy your digital world. Experience ultimate enjoyment with our patented smart technologies and innovative features. Be amazed by brilliant images, crisp text, smooth stunning video and enjoy sharpness and vibrancy in stylish designs.

Advanced Performance

Philips monitors transforms the latest advances in display technology into high performance functionality for your home or office. Innovations like ultrahigh resolutions, extra-wide formats, extreme colour accuracy and larger screen size choices improve your viewing experience while boosting your productivity.

Genuine Solutions

Philips monitors adapt to your company’s changing requirements while offering you the technology to pursue all your business goals. Technology features such as USB-C docking solutions, Pop-up Privacy Webcam, multiscreen viewing, dual connect capabilities and a wide platform of connectivity inputs across all models.

Wellbeing through Ergonomics

Philips monitors are designed for the wellbeing of the user and the environment. Tilt, swivel and height adjustment bases plus leading technology including Low-Blue light, Quantum Dot, HDR to reduce eye damage from excessive screen damage. Zero watt hard switch and PowerSensor technology reduce energy saving the environment and costs, effortlessly.