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Green IT is Common Sense and Value for Money

"Our vision is to distribute affordable refurbished high-end quality computers that gives end users great value for money and saves the environment from further emissions.

As a circular economy business we believe that upcycling and recycling of IT equipment is a necessity to reduce e-waste and to save the environment from further Co2 emissions.

When you buy a refurbished high-end quality laptop og desktop from T1A it’s a guarantee that you buy good value for money and you help save the environment from 144-195kg of Co2 emission required to produce a new computer. "

What can you expect from a T1A product?

When buying a refurbished T1A product, for instance a laptop or desktop product, you receive a 100% data erased product that has gone through a certified, qualified, EU approved and environment friendly 20 point refurbishing process. Minor marks on casing or chassis can occur but you will find no marks on display/TFT or sign of usage on the T1A product. In other words, you will get a product looking and functioning as good as new.

What’s in the box?

When you receive your high-end refurbished quality desktop or laptop from T1A you receive a desktop with an associate power cord or a laptop with an associated power supply incl. battery.

Facts About T1A

T1A is Europe’s leading distributor of used IT equipment which focuses on buying used computers and selling refurbished high-end quality computers from companies that are using brands such as HP, Lenovo and Dell. Each year we refurbish approx. 250,000 units which goes through a 100% data erasure program, thorough quality check and environmental friendly refurbishing process at our production facilities in Denmark. We are proud to have been in this business for almost 20 years and are striving to reach our goal to refurbish 750.000 units within 2022.

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