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Price - Performance - Choice - Expertise

HANNspree is a global consumer electronics manufacturer specialising in visual display and touch technology. One of Europe´s leading suppliers of display monitors HANNspree has over a decade of experience and has sold more than 7 million units to date.

Touch Screen Displays - Tomorrow's Technology Today

HannsTouch is a market leader in touch technology, consequently HANNspree’s touch screen monitors deliver advanced 10-Point touch control, Full HD credentials and cleverly constructed modern design to fully appreciate touch screen capabilities.

Specialist Monitors – HANNspree has the solution.

HANNspree has a range of monitors to cater for specialist needs. From monitors that are designed to survive in hard core environments, to monitors that ensure personal comfort in hard working offices.

Professional Performance -Take it to the next level

HANNspree professional monitors are the right choice when visual impact is paramount. Delivering the ultimate viewing experience for fast paced and graphic intensive applications, these performance monitors offer a variety of picture perfecting and entertainment enhancing features.

Tablet PCs - Large screen handheld computing and entertainment

Designed for seamless professional mobile computing and immersive casual entertainment, HANNspree HANNSpad Tablets PCs feature expertly designed, advanced touch displays by HannsTouch delivering high-end visuals and ultra-responsive fingertip control.

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* Monitors sold separately