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As our product portfolio has expanded over the past two decades from Ethernet hubs to switches, advanced Wi-Fi systems, network attached storage and smart home, NETGEAR® is re-imagining how connectivity changes our world in homes and businesses. Simply connecting is no longer enough. Enhancing peoples’ lives through the power of intelligent connectivity is the next step in the networking revolution, and NETGEAR is at the center of this change. NETGEAR Business Solutions are simply designed with your business in mind.

Net Gear Switches


Get the most comprehensive and versatile switching portfolio

NETGEAR® offers a unique portfolio of highly flexible and scalable network switches for every business need. From 5 to 144 ports, with Gigabit, Multi-Gigabit or 10-Gigabit copper and/or fiber connectivity, intuitive network management options and advanced L2 and L3 features, comprehensive PoE support and unique form factors (Click, Easy-Mount, Desktop, Rackmount, Chassis), NETGEAR is unrivaled in the switching choice it offers to its business customers.


Experience the highest performing and secure storage

Now faster than ever before, the new ReadyNAS® solutions offer businesses outstanding performance, versatility and scalability with five levels of unrivaled data protection, 10-Gigabit Fiber or Copper Ethernet network interface on select models, and expandable storage capacity, desktop or rackmount.


With the latest Wireless AC technology, make a leap forward to an incomparable user experience. Add improved coverage, higher density, increased security and NETGEAR easy management and you will get the smartest wireless solution in the market. NETGEAR wireless access points and controllers offer a unique combination of features for enhanced and affordable coverage, speed, density and reliability.

Network Management made easy

Easy management and setup of your network with NETGEAR management applications and interfaces, including our latest innovative management app - NETGEAR Insight™.

The NETGEAR Insight™ management solution was custom-built from the ground up to meet the specific needs of small businesses and provide an unrivaled remote management user experience. The Insight platform allows any small and medium business owner or their IT services professional to discover and setup their NETGEAR Insight Managed devices, remote monitor and manage them with the ease, simplicity and intuitiveness of either a mobile app or a Cloud portal*, anytime, anywhere. Best yet NETGEAR Insight does this without requiring small businesses to purchase additional management hardware or software.


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